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Guide To Renting

As a rule, renting a property is a much simpler than buying a home. However, your reasons for choosing to rent, it makes sense to ensure that you get the best advice from the outset so that you cannot be entirely satisfied with the property you choose as it will become your home. If you take the right steps to renting then there should be no reason that is shouldn't be possible.

Going through the property pages and endlessly surfing the internet for the right property to rent can be time consuming and impractical if you are working. if you are not aware of your rights as a renter you are a sitting duck for the few dodgy letting agents and landlords lurking out there who will take any short cut possible to save themselves money. Whatever your reasons for choosing to rent a property it simply makes sense to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than handing out large sums of money every month when your not entirely satisfied with your home, and a home it should be, somewhere you feel safe and happy. However, with proper planning though, most foreigners settle in comfortably and quickly come to appreciate the unique cultural and social opportunities this world capital affords. A key lies in engineering a lifestyle that is convenient and rewarding for all members of the family.

If you’ve taken the right steps to renting a place there’s no reason, just because you chose not to or are unable to buy, that this shouldn’t be possible. if you’re looking for a self-contained flat or the cheaper option of simply renting a room, it’s important to make sure the place is right for you before committing (It’s possible to spend hours meandering in the video shop, give your home the same courtesy!). Make the same checks as if you were buying the property. You might end up living in a rental property for as long as someone lives in a house they've bought, so you should set similar standards.

Visit the property at least twice at different times of the day, including rush hour. The earth tremors caused by a cleverly hidden rail track do not make for a peaceful and stress-free home life! Whilst looking around the property remember to ask yourself and the agent these key questions.

Is the area quiet or noisy?
• What types of people live in the surrounding area? Do
• you feel comfortable there?
• Are the available transport links appropriate for your needs?
• How close is the property to the local shops, supermarkets or schools?
• How much is the council tax?
• Is car parking easy?
• Will the property be cheap to heat and light?
• Does the property look to be in good condition? A badly maintained property can often reveal an illusive landlord and future problems. If the property is in a poor condition but you still wish to rent it, use its faults to negotiate a lower rent.
• Is the property really worth the rent being asked for it?




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