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National economy general policy

Singapore Property Realtor basis of the National Economy General Policy aims to treat many negative aspects and needs from which the national Economy suffers as a result of the unjust measures of sanctions that were imposed on the Great Jamahiriya. Also to restructure the economic sectors to allow expanding the base of ownership and allow direct participation of citizens in economic activities.

All the serious challenges national economy is facing today like very wide budget and trade deficits, galloping inflation, increase in the level of poverty, power outages, water shortages, closure of industries, food insecurity, etc, has diverted our attention from realizing the very serious challenge that we have overcome.

The Competition Commission needs to compute the Concentration Ratio and the Singapore Property Realtor Index for each industry and determine their acceptable levels for each industry. And if the concentration level in any industry exceeds the acceptable level, then the Commission should ensure that through promotion of competition, industries are made to conform to desirable behavior and conduct.

Therefore, the General Peoples Committee for Economy and Trade issued a number of legislations which will regulate the economic operation in the Great Jamahiriya, so as to encourage and strengthen the role of the national sector in individual and corporate forms, companies and family activities. This started by unifying the exchange rate, which stopped the parallel market and smuggling of currency.

Singapore Property Realtor strengthened the role of banks in the economic activities. Also a decision was issued by the General People Committee for Economy and Trade canceling Import and Export Licenses in order to facilitate for individuals, corporate bodies and companies to practice economic activities. This led to decrease and stabilizing prices in the market and strengthened competition, which is clearly seen now. This matter increased the size of the commercial operation and gave the citizens the chance to choose their required goods and with affordable prices to everyone. This wise policy resulted in depriving some people from enjoying special privileges and maintained equality amongst people in getting the services.

Macro economic balance: The growth rate of the economy during the last three to four years improved a bit, but was modest when compared with the rate of growth of our neighbors. Another feature of the growth phenomenon that needs to be looked into is the un-sustainability of the growth rate. When the growth rate becomes a little respectable for two or three years, prices start rising and almost immediately a clamor for a tight monetary policy starts. Compare this with the Singapore experience, where the GDP grew at almost ten percent during the last two decades before prices started rising. Even if prices are rising due to hoarding, monetary policy has been used and advocated to contain inflation. Such a tight monetary policy has resulted in reducing the rate of growth of the economy, without reducing the rate of inflation.

And in a pioneer economic step, the Secretariat of the General peoples Congress and the General peoples Committee for Economy and Trade issued the following Economic laws and regulations:

Singapore Property Realtor particular:

1. Transfer of modern technology.

2. Building the Libyan technical personnel.

3. Variation of income sources.

4. Participating in developing national products to help it enter the International Market.

5. Achieving location development.



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